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On this page, we list theses that were submitted by members and students of the MARS Group.


Anwendung von Reinforcement Learning und Potentialfeldern für eine Multi-Agenten-Steuerung für Drohnen zur Lokalisierung von Funksignalen

Author: Katja Schöttler
Type: Master's thesis
Semester: Winter semester 2023
Description: This thesis deals with the generation of potential maps with a CNN autoencoder and reinforcement learning. For this purpose, a simulation environment developed with the MARS framework is used to explore and evaluate the generated maps. In addition to the technical setup, the results of the various network configurations tested are explained.



Comparing Theories of Human Behaviour by Implementing them in MARS Agents: An Interdisciplinary Approach Based on the HuB-CC Framework

Author: Nima Ahmady-Moghaddam
Type: Bachelor's thesis
Semester: Winter semester 2021
Description: This thesis is concerned with the implementation of theories of human behavior as well as an agent architecture informed by domain expertise in an agent-based model written in MARS. A conceptual modeling framework called HuB-CC was used to identify, classify, and select the theories. The modeling approach was developed in an interdisciplinary exchange with the authors of the HuB-CC framework. The model results as well as the quality of the designed architecture are analyzed and potential avenues of further inquiry are explored.


Bestimmung einer Gruenen Welle bei Lichtsignalschaltungen für Alster-Fahrradfahrer durch agentenbasierte Simulation mithilfe des MARS-Frameworks

Author: Kalvin Doege
Type: Bachelor's thesis
Semester: Summer semester 2022
Description: This study addresses the question of whether and under what conditions it would be possible to achieve a green wave for cyclists in Hamburg's city center. With the help of an agent-based traffic model, experiments were conducted and evaluated against the question.