Contact: Jaime Chavez Leon – McKnight Doctoral Fellow, Prof. Dr. Greg Kiker
Type: Ph.D. Proposal
Title: Household Energy Resources Decision Support System (HER-DSS)

Poor rural households in developing countries are faced with many challenges in food security, water quality, and energy.
Access to energy comes in various forms depending on the natural resources available. In Honduras, almost 43% of the national energy comes from firewood given their access to the seemingly abundant supply of forest resources. Understanding the energy consumption behavior of rural households can help to enrich the discussion of energy services management. The use of agent based modelling (ABM) for energy resource-use dynamics allows scientists and engineers to study emergent behavior.

MARS LIFE allows the HER-DSS household agent to interact with energy sources as well as other complex variables that influence energy consumption. The expected results will help the researchers understand the drivers of energy efficiency which will help design renewable energy technologies that will be appropriated by rural households.
Technology appropriation is the ability for households to adopt and adapt technologies to their lives, work, and practices. With-in their means, remote areas of Honduras can become conscious stewards and responsibly enjoy their abundant resource.

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