MARS NuGet package – Complex Model

When you have a more complex scenario, check out our Documentation about modelling and simulation. We provide MARS as a NuGet. Use one of your favorite .Net development tools and reference the package.


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MARS Explorer – Simple Models

The MARS Explorer offers an easy way to develop your models using the framework and tools. You can create different scenarios, use input data, prepare scenarios, run simulations and analyze your results — everything under one hood.

MARS Modelling Language (MARS DSL Deprecated)

Support for MARS DSL ended in 2021. We recommend using the MARS Explorer instead and directly developing your model using the CSharp language.

The MARS DSL provides a domain-specific language with lightweight type system, used to build models. 

Check out our handbook, learning more about modelling and multi-agent simulation. This teaches you a set of MARS specifics and how to set up your environment – learn the basics.

Download handbook

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