Together with our partner Prof. Greg Kiker from the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at the University of California (Prof. Kiker’s Profile Page) the MARS Group is organizing the MARSFest 2017 from May 1st to May 5th at the UF in Gainesville. Jan Dalski and Christian Hüning will present the current state of MARS 2.0 with an up to date version of the MARS KNP model to showcase the more advanced features of MARS., while a simple Wolves & Sheep model will be provided for a hands-on workshop.

As MARS 2.0 is in closed beta since February 2017, the presentation will also feature the first public release of the MARS Modeling Toolkit, which includes a MARS Plugin for the JetBrain C# IDE ‘Rider’ that will allow model developers to focus on their model’s logic and to debug the model code locally.

Furthermore the first version of the MARS Teaching UI will be shown and may be tried out by all participants in order to receive valuable feedback on the new UI for MARS 2.0.