It’s a wrap! A very successful final day at the MARSFest 2017 is over! After discussing the results from various Wolves-Sheep-Model runs and revisiting the concepts and learning from Day 2, the group went on to take a look at the Kruger National Park model. For 2 hours we went through the features and discussed the agent-based design of this fully-featured large-scale MARS model. After a lunch break the attendees went on to alter and extend the Wolves-Sheep Model. For instance, they added a Mercury layer in order to poison the grass and thus the sheep as well as the wolves. Two other students directly jumped into working on their PhD projects with MARS. Very nice!

Dr. Greg Kiker explaining the Potential Field for Vegetation Cover in Kruger National Park.

Dr. Greg Kiker explaining more of the code.

Two screenshots from the Household Energy Resource (HER) model by Jaime Leon.

Showing the way data and model code get together in the MARS WebUI.

The cloud usage during the workshop. MARS running efficiently on the available hardware.

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