Day 2 of MARSFest 2017 is over! We were starting out in the smaller room from yesterday, but as the word of MARSFest spread, more people kept coming in, so we moved the workshop to a proper classroom 🙂
After checking back on the HelloWorld model from yesterday, we explored the Predator-Prey model involving Wolves, Sheep and Grass. As everybody got the idea of how to build models with MARS in terms of layers, agents and the provided components, the attendees started to work on tuning the parameterization of the model to improve on its dynamics. A little challenge emerged to see who could get it to produce a decent population dynamic first 🙂 Tomorrow will have the introduction to the full-feature Kruger National Park model.

Again, here are some impressions from today:

First attempt in getting the dynamics of Wolves & Sheep right.

Going through the example model code and fine-tuning.

A final result from one of the attendees. Very nice!

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