We are happy to announce that as of February 2017 the MARS 2.0 Cloud and the MARS LIFE 2.0 simulation platform have reached the state of closed beta!

The system has matured into a scalable and reliable MSaaS platform running inside a research cluster hosted and maintained by the MARS team at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.  The system is being tested now together with international partners from Florida and South Africa and aims for a first public release in Summer 2017.

Since the major features are ready for testing, we’re busy developing a MARS Teching UI to to push the usage of MARS in modeling courses. Also a new MARS Modeling Toolkit is under active development. It includes a MARS Plugin for the JetBrain C# IDE ‘Rider’ that will allow model developers to focus on their model’s logic and to debug the model code locally. This is a huge improvement to the past workflow as it allows for a lot faster and less error prone model development. The coming weeks will see even deeper integration of the MARS Plugin with the MARS Cloud services and thus allow developers to use more advanced features like model checking from within the IDE for instance. So stay tuned for further updates on the new toolkit!

Are you interested in using MARS for your simulation model or just want to know more about the platform and its capabilities? Just drop us a line through our online form: Click!