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Thesis offerings

This page shows general suggestions for thesis topics. If anything catches your interest, or you want to know if your own idea might fit in? Write an e-mail or visit us at Berliner Tor 7 in room 4.80D.

Agents, AI, and Geodata

Where will the hoopoe breed in the future? Bird species dispersal simulation for various species and many countries

Context: t.b.a.

Skills: AI, C#, Python, GIS, interest in interdisciplinary topics

Agent-based Games

A GUI for the LaserTag Game

Context: t.b.a.

Skills: C#, Python, Game Engines, etc.

Embedding a Physics engine into the LaserTag Game

Context: t.b.a.

Skills: C#, Game Engines, etc.

Agent-based Modeling & Simulation

NetLogo to MARS Transformer

Context: t.b.a.

Skills: NetLogo, C#, LLM/Transformer