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Multi-Agent Research & Simulation

Multi-Agent Modelling & AI

The MARS Groups develops its own C#-framework for Multi-Agent simulations, called LIFE.


The MARS Groups focuses on interdisciplinary teams. Through different and diverse mind sets best results come to live.

Teaching & Short Courses

The MARS Group teaches at the HAW Hamburg. Also, we offer onsite modelling workshops on the topic of Agent-based Modelling (ABM).

About Us

The MARS (Multi-Agent Research and Simulation) group is an academical research project at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany at the Department of Computer Science.

  • A distributed simulation framework for multi-agent models, developed in C#.
  • Modelling workshops that teach domain experts the basics of Agent-Based modelling.
  • A technical advanced systems for computer scientists to build upon during their studies.


For any question or inquiries, please reach out!

Prof. Dr. Thomas Clemen
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Department of Computer Science
Berliner Tor 7, 20099 Hamburg, Germany
Telephone: +49 40 42875 8411